Fr. Brian Roeseler
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Mrs. Kathy Bull
Director of Religious Education for Divine Redeemer Parish
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Mrs. Marjie Weldele
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Mrs. Janet Damerell
Administrative Assistant
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Mrs. Carole Heindel
Business Manager
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Mrs. Marcia Gieck
Resource Interventionist
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Mrs. Kelsey Vance
Preschool Teacher
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Ms. Adrienne Samora
Prekindergarten Teacher
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Mrs. Patty Jumper
Kindergarten Teacher
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Mrs. Colleen Ramic
First Grade Teacher
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Mrs. Mary Swonger
Second Grade Teacher
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Mrs. Pat Balestrieri
Third Grade Teacher
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Mrs. Michelle Bowers
Fourth Grade Teacher
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Mrs. Melanie Sorensen
Fifth Grade Teacher
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Mrs. Shannon Isek
6th Grade Homeroom
and Middle School Language Arts and Literature Teacher
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Mrs. Fran Clay
7th Grade Homeroom
and Middle School Social Studies Teacher
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Mrs. Sarah Scaling
Middle School Math and Science Teacher
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Mrs. Kari Smith
Dean of Academics
8th Grade Homeroom Teacher/ Middle School Math Teacher
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Mrs. Machala Beam
Kindergarten-8th Grade PE Teacher
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Mr. Daniel Foster
Kindergarten-8th Grade MusicTeacher
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Mrs. Lisa Sarter
Kindergarten-8th Grade Computer Teacher
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Ms. Kathy Sullivan
Kindergarten-8th Grade Art Teacher
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Mrs. Tametria Thomas
Director of Divine Redeemer Catholic School Extended Care Program
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Mrs. Myra Hansen
Lunchroom Coordinator
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Mrs. Kristy Zavorka
Scrip Coordinator
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Mr. Tom Faberr
Facilities Manager
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Ms. Mindy Emick
Parish Administrative Assistant
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Deacon Dave Bull
DeaconPastoral Care
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Deacon Ray Milberg
Deacon/Pastoral Care
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