Staff Member: Mr. David Brilliant, Jr.

Mr. David Brilliant, Jr.

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Promoting intent-based leadership and collaborative teams to create leadership engines in learning systems.

David Brilliant realized as a new principal, that the old-school, top-down leadership style in education was not working and was detrimental to the overall progress of the education system…that there had to be a better way…This led him to study The Leadership Engine, Professional Learning Communities and Turn the Ship Around. Rather than just read about it, he put hands and feet on his ideas through collaborative teams to build teacher-leaders and meaningful discussions about student learning. He is passionate about helping people understand and discover their personal and professional Why—why do they do the work that they do?—and to put hands and feet on it by defining How and What they will do to accomplish that work. Retired from Colorado Springs School District 11 after 25 years in a myriad of roles from teaching, technology integration, assessment and intervention, and the principalship, David still believes he has work to do with learning institutions to promote intent-based leadership practices, collaborative teams, and creating leadership engines for sustainability. In his spare time he loves learning new Apple technologies; working with his wife, Holly, in their flower gardens; fishing in Tavernier, FL; and reading science fiction/fantasy.

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