Our Program

Mission Statement

The Divine Redeemer Catholic Community

unites in word and example to challenge students

through faith, academics, and service

to live the values of the Roman Catholic Church in a changing world.


Divine Redeemer Catholic School recognizes that each child is a child of God who is

entitled to develop spiritually, morally, intellectually,
socially, emotionally, and physically to his or her greatest potential.

We are dedicated to help each child grow in an understanding of the Roman
Catholic faith and to share in worship. We are committed to help each
child apply the teachings of Jesus by ministering to others and caring
for the world around us.d

Pillars of Education

At Divine Redeemer, we strive to have our students grounded in the Three
Pillars of Education. Each Pillar embodies a vital area of a child’s
growth and development. Students, parents, and staff are asked to uphold
these pillars, and the integrate them into their daily actions and
communications at Divine Redeemer.

The Three Pillars are:

Studio (study): A commitment to academic study and intellectual pursuits.

Votum (prayer):Placing God and prayer at the core of every action, thought, and belief.

Hospitium (community): Working together in a Christ-like manner for the good of God.