Cardinal Sports


School athletics at Divine Redeemer are designed to allow physical, mental and spiritual growth to occur through a child’s participation in athletic practices and events. In our athletic program, the emphases are placed upon student participation and effort; while competition is part of athletics, we strive to promote team-building, good sportsmanship, and positive encouragement.

The availability of school athletics are always dependant upon the demand and participation of the students. Students who participate in athletics must pay all athletic fees and submit to all league regulations regarding physicals, etc. In addition, academic, conduct, and attendance eligibility requirements for athletics are strictly enforced.

Special athletic awards are given out at awards ceremonies during the year. A Booster Club has also been established to support school-wide athletics.

The Divine Redeemer Athletic Department needs volunteers for our concessions stand during home sporting events. Please contact Tricia Faber (see below) for more information.

Parents and Athletes must review the CSAL handbook prior to the season.


Athletic Resources

CSAL School Locations

Current athletic opportunities at Divine Redeemer include:

The CSAL is the Christian Schools Athletic League and consists of:

Divine Redeemer Catholic School

St. Paul Catholic School

Corpus Christi Catholic School

St. Peter’s Catholic School

Evangelical Christian Academy (ECA)

Colorado Springs Christian School (CSCS)

Pikes Peak Christian (PPC)

The CSAL offers sports opportunities to predominately the 5th-8th grades.

In order to grow our athletic program and offer opportunities to younger students, we have begun to participate in some sports through the YMCA.  Our teams consist of all Divine Redeemer students but we compete against other YMCA teams from a variety of schools and localities.  The philosophy of the YMCA is very compatible with our own school philosophy.

We have added football to our opportunities by participating with the local Park and Rec and merging with students from our other Catholic Schools.

Go Cardinals!
If you have any questions about school athletics, please contact:

Tricia Faber
Athletic Director 
[email protected]