What makes Catholic Schools so unique? 

Catholic Schools have had the pleasure of educating young people for centuries. We have built a long-standing tradition of providing an education based on academic enrichment, supportive community, and faith formation. Each of these topics is discussed in more detail below:

Academic EnrichmentCatholic Canon Law states that Catholic schools must be as strong, if not stronger, than the public schools in the area (Can. 805 §2). All Catholic Schools serve the mission of educating students by this high standard and expectation.

Community Growth: A strong sense of community is crucial for a functional Catholic School. Students, teachers, parents, and community members come together for the sake of furthering the school’s mission. This sense of community is rooted in the teachings of Christ, and strives to imitate the example of the early Church.

Faith Formation: Most importantly, Catholic schools promote the mission and vision of Jesus Christ. While students from a variety of faith backgrounds are often found in our schools, Catholic schools endeavor to shape each child’s spirituality with the hope of creating good and faithful people.

In sum, Catholic Schools strive to educate the whole student: mentally, physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. We not only include faith in our instruction, we prioritize it!

For more information, see the link on “Why Catholic Schools?” .

How long has Divine Redeemer Catholic School been here?

Our school has been educating children for over 60 years. Divine Redeemer was first opened on September 7, 1956, and was formally dedicated by Archbishop Urban Vehr on October 17th, 1956 (we still observe this date as our “birthday”). The school initially served grades 1-8. The Sisters of Charity first sponsored the school, and served as most of its administration and faculty.

Throughout the following decades, Divine Redeemer established a strong reputation. Many of our graduates have become civic and business leaders. Even today, our area is called the “Divine Redeemer Neighborhood”.

What Academic Programs can Divine Redeemer Catholic School Provide for my child?

Divine Redeemer School is built upon the long-standing tradition of sound education in Catholic Schools. Each child is offered an education in the five “core” subjects: a religion, mathematics, social studies, science, and language arts (which includes reading, writing, phonics, spelling, vocabulary, etc.). Students also attend “Special Area” courses in music, art, physical education, computers/technology, and library.

Divine Redeemer Catholic School also offers the Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math programs. A tutoring program is available for students who need extra help. A computer lab, science lab, library/resource center and 60 student Chrome Books are available for student use.

Divine Redeemer School is accredited through the Advanc-Ed Accreditation Agency. Our students have a long history of acceptance into St. Mary’s High School, IB programs, and advanced placement programs across the city. Graduates of our school can be found in colleges and universities across the country, and on staff in hospitals, businesses, and schools.

What are the qualifications of Divine Redeemer Catholic School teachers?

All Divine Redeemer teachers are licensed, competent and highly qualified. Our teachers truly care about their vocations as educators, and are always willing to offer extra help to students in need. Our teachers have an average of over 12 years of teaching experience, and many teachers have their Master’s degrees. Divine Redeemer Teachers create a classroom that focuses on each student as an individual; instruction is designed to match our superior curriculum, yet meet the needs of each individual student.

I am concerned that my child may find the academics too challenging. What should I do?

Divine Redeemer Catholic School does have an academically strenuous curriculum. However, as a smaller school, our teachers are able to focus on each child as an individual, and modify their instruction as needed. If your child is struggling, our teachers will contact you. Teachers are willing to work before and after school to help your child, and tutoring resources are available. Teachers can always be contacted for parent-teacher conferences, and current grades can be referenced at any time through an online program. All-in-all, our students feel well-supported, and parents are well informed.

What about faith formation at Divine Redeemer Catholic School?

Divine Redeemer Catholic School is a school based upon the teachings of Jesus Christ. All students take daily courses in religion (regardless of their own faith background). Christian values are modeled and incorporated into all areas of the curriculum. Prayer is conducted regularly throughout the school day, and students attend Catholic Mass twice weekly. Sacramental preparation is provided for Catholic students. Father Brian Roeseler, the pastor of Divine Redeemer Church, teaches lessons and provides spiritual counseling.

Students at Divine Redeemer Catholic School also participate in a variety of service-learning projects throughout the year. Students collect food for the Food Pantry, participate in local service organizations, and raise funds for needy people in developing countries.

Can Divine Redeemer Catholic School provide for my child’s training for First Communion, Reconciliation, and Confirmation?

As a Catholic school, we are qualified to provide Catechetical training for our students. For more information, see the page under “Catechism”.

What about the Pre-Kindergarten Program?

We offer a Pre-K program to students who will turn four years old before October 1st of each year. Like our other grades, our Pre-K program emphasizes academics, community, and faith. We strive to prepare our students for our Kindergarten program; our curriculum includes hand-on academic development, guided play to promote socialization between students, and spiritual prayer. Pre-K is a half-day program; classes begin at 7:45 and end at 10:45. PreK students do not wear uniforms, but do follow a defined dress code.

What are the school hours?

School begins at 7:45 AM and ends at 3:00. School doors open at 7:15, and parents have until 3:15 to pick up their children. On-site before and after-school Extended Care is available, and parents can sign up for daycare on days when school is not in session.

Will my child be safe at Divine Redeemer Catholic School?

We pride ourselves on the safety of the students at our school. Building doors are locked during school hours, and all visitors are checked in at the main office. School doors are constantly monitored through a video surveillance system. All volunteers (be they clergy or lay-people) must undergo an interview, training program, and criminal background check prior to their service. All after-school activities and recesses are monitored by approved school faculty or staff.

I’m concerned about tuition. How much is tuition? Is financial aid available? What happens if I miss a tuition payment?

Current tuition figures are available at our “Admissions and Tuition Page”. Financial aid is available; applications can be completed through the Parish Business Office. If you are interested in financial aid, please contact Carole Heindel at (719) 234-0335 or at [email protected] or go to the TADS website

If you are unable to make a tuition payment due to a legitimate personal or financial emergency, we will work with you. We ask that, in these cases, our families communicate with us so that we can decide the best option for you. We strive to not allow finances to be a major obstacle to attending Catholic Schools; we encourage you to contact our school even if you are unsure the tuition is affordable.

Is there a school uniform at Divine Redeemer?

All students in grades K-8 wear a school uniform (although the uniform sometimes varies by grade). For more information, see our dress code.

I am a Catholic, but I do not currently attend a church. Can I become a member of Divine Redeemer Catholic Church?

Whether you are confirmed or non-confirmed, baptized or not baptized, we invite you to join Divine Redeemer Catholic Church if you are currently not attending another religious institution. For more information, contact Mindy Emick at (719) 633-5559. The website for Divine Redeemer Church is http://www.divineredeemer.net.

I would like to visit and/or apply to Divine Redeemer Catholic School. Where do I go for more information?

If you would like to see our school, please contact Janet Damerell by email or phone.

I still have more questions. Where can I find the answers?

We invite you to look at our website; many of your questions may be answered through our website’s links. On the website, we have included a copy of our current ** Parent & Student Handbook that details our policies and procedures.
You are also encouraged to contact us personally at the phone numbers and e-mail addresses below:

School Phone: (719) 471-7771
E-mail of Kari Smith, Principal: [email protected]
E-mail of Janet Damerell, Administrative Assistant: [email protected]
E-mail of Father Brian Roeseler, Pastor: [email protected] 
E-mail of Carole Heindel, Business Officer: [email protected]