Message from the Principal

Welcome to Divine Redeemer Catholic School-the leader in Catholic schools in Colorado Springs! 

Divine Redeemer is a vibrant parish and school community that takes great pride in its responsibility to bring individuals along in their journey to becoming the persons that God created them to be.  We believe our purpose is a mighty one-to recover the Church’s tradition of Classically educating our students by putting truth, goodness, and beauty at the hub.  I believe that it is our cornerstones of faith, academics, and service that guide our community along that journey. 

So, what makes DR the best Catholic school choice in Colorado Springs? It is our dedicated, exceptional teachers and staff, our engaged clergy, our commitment to recovering the Church’s tradition of Classically educating our students, our energetic and friendly parent community, and our perseverance in continually reflecting and growing. 
What would you experience at the best school choice in Colorado Springs? Everything that is good and beautiful for raising high-quality kids with strong moral compasses who can reason and think critically. 
Faith, prayer, and spiritual growth are intrinsic to raising children with durable moral compasses. Each day begins and ends with prayer as well as includes religion class.  Because Eucharist is central to who we are, our students attend an all-school Mass once a week where classes sponsor the liturgy as well as the choir. Students in 2nd-8th grades attend daily Mass one additional day each week to experience the beautiful gift of the daily Mass in its traditional form. In addition, we celebrate special events and prayer services throughout the year to include a monthly All Community Rosary, Adoration, The Divine Chaplet, Stations of the Cross, May Crowning and more. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered to our students during Advent and Lent. Our Catholic school is more than just a place to learn about our faith. We infuse our faith into everything we do. 
Community and service is at the heart of what it is to be a part of Divine Redeemer Catholic school and parish. Students find their homerooms to be mini communities within a larger community of the school. Through the buddy program, classes mentor each other. As a school, we reach out to those in need through our support of the Parish Food Pantry by bringing food goods as our offertory for Mass. Our students recognize their contribution to the worldwide community through school and class service projects. Parents and students celebrate community and support the school through events like the End of Summer Festival, Oktoberfest, the yearly Gala, PTCO, and much, much more. This continuous immersion in a culture of service and community are two more essentials in bringing individuals to the person God created them to be. 

At DR, academics are naturally a cornerstone and yet another part of what we do differently that ensures high-quality students. Our challenging Classical approach ties together history, literature, and religion so that students not only develop an ability to discuss and reason, but also experience what it means to be human in light of history, literature, and religion.  We proudly reference our diocesan curriculum for language arts, religion, and math, and Next Generation Science Standards for science. Our standardized test scores reflect the success of our students in meeting the expectations of our robust curriculum. We have a schedule to ensure regular textbook adoption of each of the different subject areas in order to keep our materials as current as possible. Students have access to Chrome Books and engage in STEM activities regularly. They are enriched through music, art, foreign language,  and Latin and stay active through physical education. 

So much more is happening at this amazing and holy place. We welcome you to make an appointment and tour our school to experience the warm culture and to observe firsthand the variety of learning taking place in our classrooms. Give us a call at (719) 471-7771. I look forward to meeting you! 


Peace and Grace,  

Kari Smith, principal