Preschool and Prekindergarten

We offer a 3 year old Preschool program and a 4 year old Prekindergarten program.  Both are offered in full day and half day formats.

Why is Early Childhood schooling so important?

 Children taught at an early age (PS, PK, K) benefit in the following ways: improved social skills, less or no need for special education instruction during subsequent school years, better grades,  enhanced attention spans, and as a result, more confident individuals. Likewise, some researchers have concluded that young children enrolled in pre-school programs usually graduate from high school, attend college, and have fewer behavioral problems.

But why choose DR’s Early Childhood program? 

There are many reasons, but here are 3…besides being a licensed, creative, warm, environment that showcases best practices:

  • All of our students at DR have a buddy class, including our PS/PK/K. Our buddy system pairs a younger class with an older class. These classes  meet frequently and attend Mass together, read together, complete projects together. This provides our older classes with an opportunity to role model and it provides our younger students with an older student advocate with whom they frequently bond.
  • Growth expectations are articulated from teacher to teacher and class to class. Because our teachers work together to plan curriculum, differentiation is seamless.   We recognize huge differences in Kindergarten readiness between children who attend our program from day 1 (in PS) and those who do not begin our program until Kindergarten.
  • The OWL curriculum is followed in PK. It is a precursor to our Kindergarten curriculum and emphasizes basic fundamentals as well as a focus on literacy and math. Students are frequently reading or pre-reading prior to entering Kindergarten.  The envelopment in a culture of learning has already taken a stronghold.
  • Our children have an early exposure to the Catholic Classical tradition through literature and Latin.