School Newsletter


May 16, 2020

Principal’s Corner

Dear Divine Redeemer Community,

Thank you for the remarkable commitment you made  to ensure our students’ continued engagement in their academic development during this challenging time.  While this extraordinary period has been marked by unrelenting uncertainty, I am moved by our families’ faith-filled determination not only to persevere, but to inspire.  Notable examples of this include a firm resolution to continue our mission of superior faith, academics and service, even from a distance. 

Our school is a holy place and we experienced many, many occasions of holiness within our community  over the year.  Perhaps my most vivid memory is the Divine Chaplet, led by our 3rd grade, on the Friday before we departed for our distance learning journey.  The presence of the Holy Spirit in the gym that day was palpable.

In academics, we saw some of our strongest IOWA assessment scores ever. This is significant because, as you know, our scores have been at least one year ahead of grade level for decades.  We also have received tremendous commendation for the depth and rigor of our distance learning.  While most public school districts delivered curriculum, we delivered continued instruction and assessment along with curriculum; all three are essential components of a high quality academic program. 

In service, our community continued to step forward, as it is well known for.  With carts full of food and supplies being delivered from school families every weekend during our Sunday drop offs, our food pantry shelves have remained stocked.  In addition, several families came forward with substantial financial gifts that have enabled us to continue paying operational expenses.  God’s providence has been a mighty presence, indeed.

Now, summer is dawning, inviting a fresh round of contingency plans as we sort through the meaning and efficacy of a possible phased reopening and the potential for renewed restrictions if new outbreaks of the COVID-19 virus develop.  Two things are certain, however;  we are already planning for a myriad of scenarios that could take place AND we will continue to rise to the challenge of providing a superior Catholic education to our students.

I want to close my end of year remarks recognizing our 8th graders and their families.  One of the hallmarks of the Divine Redeemer experience, is the last quarter of the 8th grade year.  It is always a reflective time where students and families realize the goodness of their family’s time spent at DR.  Our 8th graders had to grow up much more quickly than any of us would have liked and swallow some bitter pills as their 8th grade trip was cancelled, exciting planning for last days squelched, and even graduation in the confines of our church banished.  I am very sorry for this loss.  My hope is that as time goes on, the memory of encounters lost will be firmly replaced with smiling memories of happiness and warmth.

Congratulations, 8th grade and 8th grade parents!  Always remember, you are the hands of God in the world, go out and make Him something beautiful.


In Christ,

Kari Smith



New news

A note to our 8th graders

Join us on Tuesday, May 19 for Opening Ceremonies!  The Google code is:


Playground grants!

Good news! We have been given two playground grants to further the planning for a dedicated preschool and pre-K playground!

Healthy Child Colorado granted us a $5,000.00  matching playground grant, which we secured matching funds to accept.

The Buell Foundation has granted us up to $20,000.00 in a matching grant; so we have work to do!  We have $10,000.00 of the 20K.  We will work throughout the upcoming summer and next year to secure the remaining $10,000.00 so that we can begin construction on a playground for our early childhood program in June of 2021.


Shoe drive

One source of funding for the playground grant is a PTCO sponsored shoe drive.  Begin bagging up your lightly used shoes.  We will communicate a drop off place for bags of shoes soon!  See the flyer attached to this newsletter.


Lost and Found

Our lost and found (located at the bottom of the steps in the cafe) is overflowing. If you are missing items, be sure to look in the lost and found when you are in for your check out day.


Old news:


Join me as we say thank you and good bye to two of our amazing teachers.  Mrs. Button, our 2nd grade teacher, will be moving out of state with her husband to be closer to family.  Mrs. Button has been a phenomenal addition to our faculty.  Her creativity, expertise, experience, and insights have been tremendous blessings to our school community.  Safe travels, Mrs. Button, and thank you for your service to Divine Redeemer!

Ms. Sullivan is finishing her 14th year of service at Divine Redeemer as our art teacher.  You don’t have to walk very far in our building to see the powerful influence and talent of Ms. Sullivan.  Her creativity and ability to pull magnificent works of art out of our students has been impressive.  We wish you many blessings in the next chapter of your life, Ms. Sullivan!

 Financial aid

 A reminder that TADS applications are due by June 1.



Field Day

Field Day will be on May 19 from 10-11:30.  Opening ceremonies will begin at 10AM.  Every event has a Google Meets code-all you need to do is copy and paste the code into your browser.  See the field day schedule that is attached to this newsletter.  Thank you, 7th grade and Mrs. Clay for the hours of thought and planning that went into this event!  The field day schedule is attached to this newsletter.

 Join us LIVE via FaceBook for 8th grade graduation

8th grade graduation will be on May 20 at 6PM. We will host this event live from DR’s parking lot and honor our 8th grade, announce awards, and ‘give out’ diplomas.

 Packet drop off (last one!)

A few teachers requested one more drop off date so Sunday, May 17 from 10AM to noon is our last packet drop off. Mrs. Torrence will be available with SCRIP/



If you did not purchase a yearbook yet and want one, Sunday, May 17 from 10-noon or on your check out day.

 Remainder of the school year-Last Day of 2019-2020 School year is May 19


May 18: non-academic ‘fun day’ to be planned by homeroom teachers; this will last about 90 minutes

May 19: field day to be planned by gr. 7-last day of school; 10AM-11:30AM


May 20-22: grades PS-7 will return to clean out desks, turn in supplies (in small controlled groups)


K-7 Check out schedule

See the schedule attached to this newsletter for your child’s date and time to come into the building to drop off textbooks, Chromebooks, and any other Divine Redeemer property.  This will be your child’s time to clean out lockers and/or desks.


If you cannot come during your scheduled time, you can sign up for a different time using the link below.  Only 5 families are permitted to sign up at a time.