The DR Difference

What’s our WOW?  What sets us apart?  

  1. We serve children first and foremost-Every consideration is made with ‘what is best for our children’ in mind; we aspire to grow the whole child by challenging each one where they are emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, socially.


  1. Deep sense of purpose-A strong Catholic identity as a cornerstone fosters students who are rooted in faith to be confident, servant leaders. Community members have a deep sense of purpose and cultivate that sense of purpose in students by asking:  what are you doing with what you’ve been given?


  1. Strength of academics-Strong academics as a second cornerstone; meeting  the criteria of National Blue Ribbon schools, our students have performed at least 1 year above grade level consistently for decades.Students are deeply familiarized with academic rigor.


  1. Faith, faith ,faith- Faith is a third cornerstone; We areCatholic out loud- faith is interwoven through visible role modeling and continuous practice of prayer, discipline, liturgy, and sacraments.


  1. Safety-continuously working to improve a secure environment; children, teachers, and staff must feel that they are in safe hands and out of harm’s way.


  1. Responsible use of technology-technology is used intentionally in every class as a tool to enhance


  1. Life skills of success-virtue and morals are directly taught: perseverance, curiosity, conscientiousness, optimism and self-control are instilled in the leaders of tomorrow.


  1. People/relationships matter-our entire community is our family.


  1. Positive passion and energy-stakeholders who are fueled by their vocation, promote excitement, and attract people who want to be a part of the mission.


  1. Graduate good citizens- students committed to continuous learning, social justice, care of the poor and the planet-ready to help, no matter the need.