Current Volunteering opportunities

At Divine Redeeer Catholic School, we love volunteers! We are always in need of volunteers to work as classrom helpers, office assistants, lunchroom monitors, recess monitors, tutors, and much more! For more information about volunteer policies, see the note below from our volunteer coordinator (and school parent), Mrs. Trish Faber.


A Note From Our Volunteer Coordinator 

Dear Divine Redeemer Parent or Guardian,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for answering God’s call to offer your time and talents here at Divine Redeemer Catholic School. Volunteerism is the foundation for our success here at Divine Redeemer.

Throughout the year, we provide many opportunities to volunteer in the classroom or out. We hope that you will become involved in the many volunteer opportunities that are available throughout the year.

The Catholic Diocese of Colorado Springs requires all volunteers who have regular contact with children to complete the necessary safety training and background checks. We strongly encourage you to complete this training in the beginning of the school year to enable you to participate in your child’s activities. Please note, no volunteer will be allowed to participate unless and until this training is complete.

As a reminder, each family is asked to contribute at least 25 hours of volunteer service time throughout each school year. Included with this letter is a “Family Service Log” to help families keep track of how many hours of service they provide at both Divine Redeemer Catholic School and Divine Redeemer Catholic Parish. Please note, it is the family’s responsibility to log their own hours and submit to the volunteer coordinator each quarter.

Once again, on behalf of the Volunteer Committee, we are happy to welcome you to our school.

May God Bless You and Your Families!

Yours in Christ,
Trish Faber
Volunteer Coordinator, Divine Redeemer Catholic Community

(719) 234-0311